Welcome to the VinTank APIs

An open-source approach to quality wine data provided by a flexible and powerful family of APIs.

For more information on the VinTank API, see our FAQ and about pages. Also be sure to check out the Tools/Libraries/Sample Code page. If you would like to integrate VinTank’s APIs into your application, see getting started.

Wine Search API

Learn more about how to search entities such as varieties, regions, wineries, winery locations, winery brands, and wines using the Search API.

Account API

Access a VinTank user’s account to duplicate our social media dashboard and social media insights into your application/site through the Account API.

Atom Feeds

Keep up to date with data changes through our Atom feeds.


Winery and wine content can be easily embedded in applications and web-pages using minimal coding effort. See the embedding page for details.

Social Search API

This premium API lets you tap into our wine social media stream and index of millions of online wine conversations. Learn more.

Partner Link API

Integrate your application with VinTank by building buttons and links on your site that allow winery owners to claim their winery, edit their winery profile, and edit wines on VinTank right from pages on your site. See the Partner Link API for details.

VinPass API

VinPass, the first distributed social game for wine, allows partners to integrate game play into their application offering both digital and tangible rewards to their users for interacting with wines in their platform. Integrating VinPass requires an agreement with VinTank before proceeding. Please contact us for more information. See the VinPass API for details.

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